Preview: Liquidating Syria, Fracking Europe

What might one day be remembered as the Great Syrian Migration for its scale, or the Syrian Exodus for its epic and tragic character, is currently referred to as the European migration crisis. The proto-genocidal war in Syria, and even the pressures of four million refugees on Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are by any measure Read more about Preview: Liquidating Syria, Fracking Europe[…]

Western Xenophobes Have Common Cause with ISIS

ISIS propaganda outlets released a series of videos and an article in Dabiq condemning Iraqis and Syrians who seek refuge in Europe. It appears that the group is struggling to figure out how to articulate its stance on the issue. In the videos released by its media outlets from several regions it controls in Iraq Read more about Western Xenophobes Have Common Cause with ISIS[…]

The War for Survival in Syria

Recent reports in the Guardian regarding the “industrial scale” killing and torture being carried out by the Syrian regime, which international agencies believe to be only a portion of a much greater number of killings, are demonstrative of not only the horrific nature of the conflict, but also of the massive scale of human suffering Read more about The War for Survival in Syria[…]