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SISMEC Event: Women, Writing and War (3/11/2015)

The Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC), in partnership with Civil Vision International (CVI), the University of Arizona Poetry Center, the UA Women’s Resource Center, the UA Department of Gender & Women’s Studies, and the UA School of Middle East & North Africa Studies will be hosting a forum on women, writing and war[…]

“Letters to War” and “Lethe”

Letters to War and Lethe is a collection of poems about war: its deprivations, its strange gifts, and its remembrances. “Whether set in Afghanistan or an American supermarket,” writes Boston-based poet Joyce Peseroff, these poems “upset platitudes and assumptions about those who fight, what they remember, and who speaks for them.” Farzana Marie’s book, Peseroff says,[…]


Framing the War Before it Frames Us: A Conversation with Iraqi Poet Dunya Mikhail

“The war continues working day and night. It inspires tyrants to deliver long speeches, awards medals to generals and themes to poets. It contributes to the industry of artificial limbs, provides food for flies, adds pages to history books, achieves equality between killer and killed…” That was an excerpt from Dunya Mikhail’s poem “The War[…]

Memento Mori: Poetry, Conflict & the Uncanny

How does poetry grapple with the conflicts and social issues of our time? What can a poem do in the face of rocket-thuds, choking smoke, a child’s pink sandal in a blood-pool on the street? Can it find meaning in THAT? Is poetry perhaps, as Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail put it, not medicine but an[…]