Oil for Sovereignty? America, Iraq, and Kurdistan

Christian Sinclair   Much like the dispute in Libya between Cyrenaica and Tripoli, the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have long been engaged in local disputes over oil sales and revenues. Baghdad, for example, is withholding the KRG’s share of oil revenues, which amount to US7bn for 2014 alone. In July Read more about Oil for Sovereignty? America, Iraq, and Kurdistan[…]

Libya: More Good News for People Who Love Bad News

In a recently-published article for The National Interest, I explored the profound depth and scale of the problems facing Libya. That article ended on a cautiously optimistic note: while many of the endemic problems were set to persist indefinitely, there seemed to be a breakthrough between the central government and the Eastern rebels, which would allow Read more about Libya: More Good News for People Who Love Bad News[…]

Dropping the Barrel?

Libyan Rebel Oil Production: A Lost Opportunity? With the ninth largest known oil reserves in the world and the greatest reservoirs of African oil, Libya has been the number seventeen producer of oil in the world and the third most productive in Africa. Producing between 1.6 and 1.8 million barrels a day, or approximately two Read more about Dropping the Barrel?[…]

Will Sinbad go on strike?

Industrial action in Sohar as Qaboos brings up the rear

 The recent protests in Sohar and now Muscat in Oman are rare developments in this generally peaceful Gulf kingdom. Sultan Qaboos is currently the second-longest serving ruler in the Arab world, having ousted his unpopular father in a 1970 palace coup. Ushering in a new era of Read more about Will Sinbad go on strike?[…]