At Least It’s Over (And Afghanistan has a CEO)

Over five months after Afghanistan’s first round of voting on April 5th, 2014, the election results are finally in. Sort of. As the longstanding President Hamid Karzai delivers his farewell address, the mood is one of disgusted relief. Overall, Afghan citizens are comforted that the election has been resolved without an outbreak of violence or even civil war. The intervening[…]


Afghanistan’s Post-Modern Security Crisis

Identity and Boundaries at the crux of “insider attacks” So far in 2012, NATO forces have seen a 45% increase in “insider attacks” against coalition forces by their Afghan security counterparts, accounting for more than 18% of the total 2012 NATO casualties. Beyond the loss of life, these attacks have had a devastating impact on[…]

Tunisia: Far from Over

At least they’re playing footie!  The formal dissolution of the Rally for Constitutional Democracy (RCD) in response to a request from the Minister of Interior has quickened erosion of the political edifice that was established after independence. The RCD (known as the Dustour Party under Ben Ali’s predecessor Habib Bourguiba) has ruled Tunisia since independence[…]