Oil for Sovereignty? America, Iraq, and Kurdistan

Christian Sinclair   Much like the dispute in Libya between Cyrenaica and Tripoli, the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have long been engaged in local disputes over oil sales and revenues. Baghdad, for example, is withholding the KRG’s share of oil revenues, which amount to US7bn for 2014 alone. In July Read more about Oil for Sovereignty? America, Iraq, and Kurdistan[…]

Prisoners’ political hunger pains

In 66 prisons across Turkey, 683 Kurdish prisoners are refusing meals in protest of Turkey’s official policies curbing Kurdish culture and political power among a diverse array of demands. The hungerstrike began on 12 September when 65 prisoners began starving themselves, quickly gaining numbers by the end of October, building on momentum sparked by public Read more about Prisoners’ political hunger pains[…]

Dispatches from the Kurdish Spring

Non-Arab Nowruz On February 20th the headquarters of NRT, Kurdistan’s first independent TV station, was burned to the ground in Erbil, the region’s capital only three days after it began operations. This act of violence coincided with NRT airing video footage of the shootings of the protesters on the first day of the protests, where Read more about Dispatches from the Kurdish Spring[…]