Using Non-State Actors to Undermine a Non-State: China, the Taliban and ISIS

A rift may be opening up between jihadist groups in Pakistan that do the bidding of Pakistan’s ISI and want to launch attacks in the Indian Sub-Continent and those bitterly opposed to the ISI who wish to avenge the perceived humiliation of Muslims in China, Central Asia and Myanmar. Included in this latter category is[…]


The American Empire: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

Generally speaking, change is inevitable—however, most specific transformations are not. Virtually any prediction can be defied; in fact, most are. That people are pretty terrible at forecasting in most (especially sociological) domains does not inhibit many from making grandiose claims about the “inevitability” of American decadence—often relying upon ill-formed analogies with empires past. If only[…]


Global repercussions of U.S. strikes in Syria and the role of China

During the U.S. debate on military strikes on Syria in response for the chemical attacks on the Damascus suburbs, SISMEC Director Leila Hudson was interviewed by reporter Ao Huang of the Shanghai daily Oriental Morning Post about the global repercussions of U.S. strikes and in particular the role of China.  Here is an English transcript[…]