Waltz with Bashar

R2P and Deterrence in Damascus: When Superpowers Collide Thousands of pro-Assad supporters praised Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and foreign intelligence chief Mikhail Fradkov as they visited Damascus on Wednesday. At the same time, about a 100 miles away, Syrian military forces indiscriminately bombed the city of Homs. The Russian envoy’s presence was perceived as Read more about Waltz with Bashar[…]

A somber situation and a breakout

Protests in Daraa lead to death, concessions… and a Syrian Revolution? A few weeks ago the SISMEC Weekly Bulletin reported on Syria’s Bashar al-Asad remaining relatively undisturbed by the uprisings taking place throughout the region.  He had endured small-scale demonstrations, largely in solidarity with Egypt and Tunisia, and quickly stepped in to quell protests against Read more about A somber situation and a breakout[…]

How a terminal illness spared the regime

Syrian regime stabilized by…pulmonary fibrosis?

 Despite Facebook calls for “days of rage” and imploding mansions of hereditary presidencies in the neighborhood, Syria’s Bashar al-Asad has remained largely unscathed in his Damascus abode.  The man some pejoratively call “the Doctor” (a reference to his training as an ophthalmologist and perceived hasty insertion into Syrian politics after Read more about How a terminal illness spared the regime[…]