The Emirs Want You!

Security and Nation Building in the Gulf In move that reflects current  socio-political anxieties of the Persian Gulf monarchies, the UAE following the example of Qatar introduced a draft bill requiring compulsory military service for men between the ages of 18 and 30. The bill can be (conventionally) interpreted as a response to the perceived military Read more about The Emirs Want You![…]

And to the Victor Goes the Ruins

The next phase of the Syrian Civil War As the Syrian conflict has dragged on, growing in intensity with no sign of resolution or international intervention, the regime may seem incredibly resilient: they have been able to push the rebels out of Damascus, to protect the majority-Alawite territories, to hold Aleppo, and to keep pressure Read more about And to the Victor Goes the Ruins[…]

The Lion’s Advocate

Working through misconceptions in the Syrian uprising While one would never know it from the news, the reform process in Syria is actually going smoother than it is in Egypt. If this might sound crazy to the everyday headline reader, think of it this way:  Syria has a popularly approved new constitution, a democratically elected Read more about The Lion’s Advocate[…]

Aleppo demonstrates the everyday politics of revolt

Let’s stop asking “what is to be done” and start asking “what is going on” With the normalization of violence and a national impasse inside Syria since last fall, foreign commentary has been dominated by developments outside Syria, including the Arab League Peace Plan and Kofi Annan’s UN monitoring delegation.  While the interaction of these Read more about Aleppo demonstrates the everyday politics of revolt[…]