Will al-Thani of Jordan be the First to Go?

In the third wave of the Arab Spring monarchies are on their heels King Abdullah al-Thani’s attempts to placate Jordan is going up in flames, to the Arab Spring chant “the people want the downfall of the regime” seen from Sidi Bouzid to Deraa. After closing roads with flaming car chassis, protesters tried to storm Read more about Will al-Thani of Jordan be the First to Go?[…]

Heritage and the Syrian Civil War

Weapons of Cultural Destruction As the civil war rages across Syria, its rich cultural heritage is often caught in the crossfire between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian government’s army.  As in previous conflicts in Lebanon and Iraq, many historical sites in Syria have been damaged sometimes quite severely by the fighting.  Historical artifacts Read more about Heritage and the Syrian Civil War[…]

The Market for Syrian Child Brides

Driving a Hard Bargain The ongoing conflict in Syria has created a serious and sizeable refugee problem, with over a half a million Syrians having fled to neighboring countries, three quarters of whom are women and children. Women and girls in refugee situations face a number of unique challenges, including receiving appropriate health care, coping Read more about The Market for Syrian Child Brides[…]

And to the Victor Goes the Ruins

The next phase of the Syrian Civil War As the Syrian conflict has dragged on, growing in intensity with no sign of resolution or international intervention, the regime may seem incredibly resilient: they have been able to push the rebels out of Damascus, to protect the majority-Alawite territories, to hold Aleppo, and to keep pressure Read more about And to the Victor Goes the Ruins[…]

Jordan’s Big Tent

Hejazis, Palestinians, Iraqis, Chechens…and now Syrians Sometime in the morning of June 21, Syrian pilot Colonel Hassam Merei al-Hamade walked across the tarmac of the al-Dumair military airport and climbed into the cockpit of a Russian-made MiG-21 fighter jet, determined to desert. The colonel took off rapidly to avoid radar detectors and flew 110 miles Read more about Jordan’s Big Tent[…]